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End-Zit Mask 2.75 oz.


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A therapeutic, sulfur and clay based mask specially designed for oily, problem skin and clogged pores. This active mask removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cell accumulations from the surface of the skin, and dries and absorbs excess oils while aiding in maintaining the proper moisture balance and pH of the skin. This mask contains red-marine algae, a type of seaweed found only off the coast of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. This seaweed is composed of many essential minerals, vitamins, and moisture carrying ingredients that are most beneficial for all skin types. Best acne mask on the market!

Acne Oil Control Gel & Acne mask are your key allies in the war against acne and blackheads. They are also effective for drying your oily "T" zone! END-ZIT products are dermatology tested and approved, recommended by plastic surgeons, and other skin care professionals, both nationally and internationally. These products had been available only to physicians and skin care professionals for many years. This is the same product we have carried for years, but the packaging is new and improved.