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Anti-Bacterial Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes


Ships within 1 to 3 days.

Are you a picker or squeezer? It is damaging to your skin. Most pickers and squeezers have scarring in the skin from improper, unsanitary methods of extracting pimples or blackheads. When you pick or squeeze the blemishes, germs and bacteria rush into the area and cause larger pimples, more pimples, white heads, pus pockets and under ground cysts.

These are sterile, hospital grade, germ and bacteria killing wipes that are non-drying/irritating. Use them to sterilize the skin prior to and following use of the Lancets and Extractors. Also can be used as a First Aid Antiseptic.

These are nice small packets that can be used for any surface that needs to be wiped with an anti-bacterial! This includes cell phones, telephones, desktops, shopping cart handles, vending machines. You know where you need it! These are the same wipes that Hospitals use. Put a few in your purse.

Box contains 100 individually wrapped packets