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15% Glycolic Smoothing Gel 2 oz.


Ships within 1 to 3 days.

2 oz.of Glycolic Acid at 15% strength with pH 3.0. This oil free gel improves the texture and condition of skin with large pores, aging skin, acne and blackheads, fine lines or sun damage. This is a gentle, moderate Glycolic peel, for those who do not wish to use anything stronger or would like to gently peel more often. Additionally, those with sensitive skin can use several times a week as a peel by applying it to clean, dry skin and then removing in 3-5 minutes. Great for sun damage on the hands, neck and chest. Also helpful as a gentle exfoliator for any skin type and will also help with fading of acne scars with continued use. Follow the Gel with Skin Recovery Creme (Oily/Acne) or Herbal Moisture Cream (Normal/Dry).