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Collagen Elastin Creme 2 oz


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Collagen is an essential protein in the body. It helps maintain the strength in your cartilage, ligaments, organs and tendons as well as maintain the elasticity of your skin. As we age our skins collagen will weaken, causing damage; wrinkles; sagging; stretching, and drying out.

Collagen is found in the second of the three layers of your skin. The second layer is the dermis and it supports the epidermis or top layer of your skin. Below both of these is the subutis, which is formed of collagen and fat. The two inner layers of your skin; in which Collagen plays an important part, is to give your skin its strength and actually to also help with blood flow. So increasing the collagen in your skin can produce a more youthful looking appearance by reducing the signs of aging. The Collagen can be even more effective when used with Vitamin C (See our Vital C ampoules). As you age, your body just does not produce enough of both of these two proteins.

Increasing collagen and elastin re-growth levels will help reduce your gradual skin degradation and improve facial skin texture; in some cases wrinkles will greatly reduce in depth.

Amino acid proteins are the building blocks needed for healthy firm skin. The ones that are most important include collagens and hyaluronic acid (ultra hydration serum).

So how do you increase collagen levels? Finding collagen skin care products that stimulate protein re-growth; Resorting to collagen injections or even plastic surgery! Which would you rather do? Personally, I would rather avoid the pain and who wants to spend money needlessly. Therefore, my preference is to take the easy option and apply a topical skin care cream.

Features & Benefits:
Lubricates dry, dehydrated skin
Hydrates fine lines and wrinkle-prone areas
Inhibits moisture loss
May be worn underneath makeup
2 oz jar. Some professional sites sell this size for $42.00-$95.00. Paraben Free