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Pro-Med Retinol Eye Creme 0.5oz


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This product reduces deep lines and furrows, eliminates wrinkles and crows feet and restores delicate tissue of eye area to the most extraordinarily youthful appearance possible. See a dramatic difference in the tone, lubricity & moisture content of delicate tissue in the eye area. Feel smoothness and elasticity almost immediately.

An extremely sheer, light textured vanishing cream that is saturated with the most powerful anti-oxidants available today. Pure Retinol and Vitamin A in an advanced silicone matrix, including Vitamin E, Hybrid Sunflower Oil, plant derived Squalane and Coenzyme Q10 for firming, toning and fighting wrinkles! Vitamin E is an added bonus, that is potent and capable of penetrating into the skin (unlike all other forms of E). Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate, Retinol) and Vitamin C encourage new collagen formation. Unlike many Vitamin A products on the market today, our Advanced Silicone Matrix prevents the Vitamin A from being oxidized, thus maintaining its effectiveness and ensuring the longest lasting Vitamin A products available.