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Extractor Kit #2: Anti-Bacterial Wipes, Lancets, Wire Extractor, Microderm Peel 2 oz. Jar


Ships within 1 to 3 days.

This Kit includes:

Anti-Bacterial Benzylkonium Chloride Wipes (100 Count Box-Dynarex) - sterile, hospital grade, germ and bacteria killing wipes that are non-drying, non-irritating.

Lancets - Sterilized, autoclaved stainless steel with micro-fine tip (200 Count Box) for precision. Will not leave holes/scars.

Wire Extractor- with 2 different sized ends for small or large blackheads or pimples.

Microdermabrasion Peel 2 oz. Jar - Advanced pore cleaning, resurfacing, minimized acne scaring. Keeps your pores clear and pimples under control when used twice a week.

Some may have scarring in the skin from improper, unsanitary methods of extracting pimples or blackheads, Picking / squeezing blemishes, may cause germs and bacteria rush into the area and cause irritation, white heads, pus pockets and under surface cysts. With this Skin Rx Extractor Kit, you will have the proper tools and safe guards at your fingertips, just like the professionals use.

Please Note: The BZK Wipes are now Dynarex.

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