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40% Glycolic Acid (Unbuffered Rx Strength) 4 oz.


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Our 40% Unbuffered Glycolic Acid home peel has a 2.0 pH, the perfect balance for a mild to medium strength home skin peel. 40% Unbuffered Glycolic Acid reaches the deep layers of skin, promoting new collagen and stimulating elastin, which encourages skin to become thicker, tighter and firmer.<home skin peel kit /a> Our 40%Unbuffered Glycolic Acid is all natural, derived from fruits and sugarcane. This 4oz value size of our 40% Unbuffered Glycolic Acid home peel contains enough for up to 50 treatments. This skin peel is a Unbuffered glycolic, making it ideal for home use. We also carry a full line of professional strength buffered glycolic acid for more experienced users.

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