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Skin (Rosacea) Kit #1: Arnica, Willowherb Serum, Skin Recovery, Visible Lift Eye Gel, & PVA Shammy


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We searched high and low for ingredients, studied them, tested them and then produced a line of highly effective products for the most sensitive skin types in the world. If you have sensitive, rosacea, post surgery or acne skin that cannot tolerate regular skin care products, this is your answer. While our packaging is simple, our ingredients and quality is outstanding. This kit includes the following:

Arnica Wash:
Light, gel/lotion low foaming cleanser made for highly sensitive, very dry, or post surgery skin types. Arnica repairs, calms, and heals; Aloe Leaf Gel is soothing and cooling; Echinacea (cone flower) is anti-microbial as well as anti-aging. Absolutely NO irritation or left over oily residue from this miraculous cleanser. No oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes or alcohols. This facial wash easily removes makeup and other residue which can add to skins sensitivity.

Willowherb Soothing Serum:
This ultra cooling, soothing gel by Skin Rx contains Canadian willowherb, which is clinically proven to calm redness and irritation while acting as an anti-bacterial agent as well. Vitamin K is added for it's blood clotting ability, for under eye darkness and aids in healing and calming capillaries/blood vessels that have enlarged or burst. Also contains Ginko Biloba, aloe and Hyaluronic Gel. No oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes or irritating alcohols. A Great moisturizer for oily skin,

Skin Recovery Creme:
Lightweight, non-greasy, hydrating moisturizer is saturated with ingredients to hydrate, moisturize and repair your sensitive skin. Linden extract normalizes blotchy, red skin. Echinacea is anti-microbial & anti aging, Aloe is soothing, hydrating, cooling and healing, No oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes.. Use 2 x daily for All Sensitive Skin Types.

Visible Lift Eye Gel:
The Visible Lift Eye Gel is an amazing firming/lifting formula with natural ingredients including Cucumber Extract and Firming Hydrators. No fragrance, colorants, or irritating chemicals.Gentle and effective. Gently reduces puffiness and dark circles. Soothes and refreshes irritated, dry or dehydrated tired eye area. Restores hydration and firmness to dryness and lines around eye area. 1/2 ounce jar. Penetrates quickly.

PVA Shammy:
Ultra soft, smooth and spongy texture, thin 9" x 9" cloth that lasts and lasts for years. Cleanse the skin with this cloth instead of harsh washcloths. Gentle on sensitive skin. Cleans great around the eyes and for removing eye make-up thoroughly. Great for babies too!

This kit is a great kit for anybody or any skin type, you don't need to have sensitive or rosacea skin, you just need to want your skin looking great. Priced separately these products would be $123.85.