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Anti-Aging Double Defense: Bio-Peptide & Anti-Puffiness Eyebright


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Bio-Peptide and Eyebright team up Against Aging. Don't just hide age - defy it.

Our Bio-Peptide Concentrate with Matrixyl is a triple-action concentrated blend of non-irritating actives and cold-pressed botanicals that work together to produce both an immediate and cumulative effect on the skin. The active collagen-building properties of Matrixyl, an amino peptide (palmitoyl pentapeptide 3), is as effective as low concentrate Retinol (.07%) but without the irritation. Clinical testing shows a 78% reduction of deep surface wrinkles and lines over a two month period (Clinical Testing: in Vitro, Ex Vivo, In Vivo (Sederma).
Introducing the perfect companion to Botanical Bio Peptide Concentrate: Eye Bright Anti-Puffiness gelee deploys the powerful, peptide packed Eyeliss compound to help calm swelling and irritation, revitallize circulation and eliminate under-eye discoloration, while making the under eye area appear tighter and feel firmer.

The eyeliss compound is made up of three active molecules that work as a triple play against swelling, inflammation, and toxic buildup. Several significant natural ingredients, including sea lettuce, standardized Green Tea and Evening Primrose extracts plus Locust bean Gum help bring reinforcements to moisturize, lift and tighten, and stimulate collagen synthesis. Eye Bright Anti-Puffiness Gelee and the effective, yet gentle, anti-aging properties of Botanical Pio-Peptide Concentrate form a powerful dynamic duo to stand up to the visible signs of aging. OUR HEROES!!