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About Skin Clinic Inc.

Hi My name is Linda Giannotti. I am the owner of Skin Rx Clinic, Mineral Secrets and Guy Skin Care.

Mineral Secrets was formed in 1999. One of the first companies to carry Mineral makeup. A new product that consists of natural pigments and contains no talc, dyes or alcohol. In 2008 I became involved in Skin RX Clinic and Mineral Secrets and in 2010 I purchased the business from the original owners.

I have been striving ever since to bring you the best products I can at a reasonable price.I have been a single Mom since I was 19. I was born in Connecticut, but have lived in South Florida since 1995. I'm now 70 and have been using these products myself since before I owned the company.

I love to travel. I enjoy a nice glass of wine. I have two dogs. A 100 lb Golden Retriever male and a 10 lb rescued Havanese female, who rules the roost. Whoever said money can't buy happiness, has never paid an adoption fee!

I think sometimes that I am a very good advertisement for my products, as I am constantly told that I don't look anywhere near my age :)

I am proud of our products and I strive to offer them at prices that are affordable. We offer Free Shipping, because I believe you should know exactly what you are paying for a product! It's a competitive business and I see what other websites and stores charge for Skin Care and Makeup. I am trying to fill the needs of savvy consumers, who want the best products and don't want to be seriously overcharged for them. I have been spreading the word for almost 20 years that finely ground minerals are a wonderful component to makeup providing amazing coverage, color, sun protection and lasting power and that Skin care is an important component to help you achieve well-balanced, healthy, beautiful skin.

I believe that from an ethical standpoint, it is my responsibility to provide safe and healthy products to my customers. I believe that it is possible to provide effective beauty care with pure and natural ingredients. I have an ongoing positive relationship with my customers and the trust that has been established is what makes my business a successful and a personally rewarding one.