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Willowherb Soothing Serum 1 oz.


Ships within 1 to 3 days.

This ultra cooling, soothing gel by Skin Rx contains botanical flavonoids, Canadian willowherb, which is clinically proven to nourish and calm redness and irritation and helps strengthen the delicate tissues of the skin . The free radical scavenger Gingko Biloba which helps maintain the metabolic processes for a healthier look. Sodium Hyaluronate (which naturally binds moisture to the skin). This wonderful product also contains Aloe and Glycerin that aids in healing and calming capillaries/blood vessels that have enlarged or burst.

It is an excellent product for calming mild rosacea and other skin problems. Skin is left supple and hydrated, presenting a radiant, even-toned complexion.

Use this serum 2-3 times a day as needed. No oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes or irritating alcohols. An excellent choice for those with oily skin or mild rosacea.